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SMR in Yokohama

One of Japan’s most historic and cosmopolitan cities

Located on the western coast of Tokyo Bay, Yokohama is one of the nation's busiest international trade ports.

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Michael Lady Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources

Welcome to SMR Yokohama

Japan's second largest city with a population of over three million, Yokohama is a suburb located less than half an hour south of Tokyo. Yokohama is a port city with a richly cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Yokohama’s deep water allowed for easy development into the flourishing port city that it is today. The city has prospered as Japan’s gateway to Western culture ever since the late Edo period. Even today, the city has continued to support the cultural enlightenment of Japan and remains saturated with an exotic, unique atmosphere.

In addition to the main landmarks and historic buildings that have been cherished for many years (Motomachi, Chinatown, Yamashita Park), there are new famous places (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse) so there's lots to see, both new and old. The seaside's evening scenery is another attraction, and the Minato Mirai area near Sakuragichou is a popular spot to enjoy the night views.

SMR Japan Yokohama office is located just a few minutes walk from Shin-Yokohama station - just 30 minutes from Central Tokyo area offering ready access to different parts of beautiful Japan.