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SMR in CHongqing

The bridge capital of China

Chongqing is located far away from the coast on the edge of the Sichuan Basin. In the city centre the rivers Yangtze and Jialing meet, which makes bridges the most important means of connection. With 20 bridges across the Yangtze and 28 bridges over Jialing River all in different shapes and structures, Central Chongqing is nowadays a living museum of bridges.

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Michael Lady Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources

Welcome to SMR Chongqing

Through the Three Gorges Dam Chongqing is reachable with larger vessels, which also makes the city one of the most important inland ports in China. Not only tourist-cruising but also bulk transport of goods is thus possible. Due to an ideal international connection via rail, air and river, the city is a major manufacturing centre and transportation hub. Besides economical aspects the city has a lot more to offer, such as a long history and rich culture.

SMR in Chongqing is located in the outskirts of Chongqing not far away from the Yangtze River. Here we produce exterior mirrors for our major international customers.