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SMR in Jaguariúna

Land of the Black Jaguars

A city of roughly 55,000 inhabitants situated 120km northwest of São Paulo, Jaguariúna offers a taste of city life while maintaining the charm of a small town. Its proximity to Campinas (12km), the largest city in the interior region, and developed infrastructure make Jaguariuna an attractive location for large companies. Jaguariúna is served by an excellent road network, providing easy access to the Viracopos and Guarulhos International airports.

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Michael Lady Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources

Welcome to SMR Jaguariúna

Jaguariúna had its beginnings in the great plantations of sugar mill and later in the golden phase of the coffee. It is strategically located next to the best tourist spots in the state of São Paulo, being part of the Aguas Paulistas Circuit. The quality of its waters, known internationally for their healing powers, are one of the special attractions of Circuit das Águas Paulista. The Estancias also offer tourists the most beautiful images of natural beauty, valleys covered with green, waterfalls, mineral springs, water and climate among the best in the world.

A recent study by the Brazilian Institute of Research which evaluates areas of human development such as employment and income, education and health ranked the city as the third best place to live and work in Brazil.

Jaguariúna is a quiet city that promotes quality of life, with several parks and family leisure options. Some of these include: Municipal Theater of Jaguariúna, a space dedicated to art and culture; Maria Fumaça ride, a steam train ride between neighboring cities; Naga Cable Park, an ideal place to practice various water sports including wakeboarding, wakeskating, kneeboarding and water skiing; Red Eventos, the largest entertainment and business complex in the interior of São Paulo offers shows and theaters; parks with sports and leisure facilities, many of which are free of charge.

While Jaguariúna lacks a bustling nightlife scene like trendy bars and parties, the city's cafes, restaurants, and renowned cuisine help it maintain a vibrant atmosphere.

SMR Brasil was established in Jaguariúna in 2011 and currently employs 220 people serving 7 OEMs in the region.

As part of SMR Brasil’s commitment to social responsibility, we developed a partnership with Lar Feliz, a local organization where volunteer SMR employees volunteer their time and attention to orphans or children in dangerous social environments.

SMR was awarded a Cost Achievement Performance Certificate from Toyota in 2017, and also received the following certifications from clients: Q1 from Ford; QSB from GM; ASES from Renault/Nissan and VDA-6.3 from Volkswagen.

SMR Brasil’s certifications include ISO-TS 16949:2009 (automotive certifcation) and ISO-14001: 2004, highlighting our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We invest in our workforce, understanding that training is fundamental for the growth of both people and the company. SMR believes in the importance of providing internal advancement opportunities for our employees, recognizing that we have professionals with great potential for growth. We support trainee and young apprenticeship programs valuing the potential of these young people who are keen to be in the labor market, and investing in development together with the local community.