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Among the best in key technologies

The demands of the automotive industry are constantly on the increase. So is SMR's expertise – not only to meet these demands in full, but also to be one step ahead at all times. In order to achieve this, our global expert teams are perfectly networked.

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Full service supplier

SMR follows a clear and automotive certified process that covers all development, manufacturing and supply steps: concept development, design and simulation, production and assembly, testing and validation, tooling, material management and logistics. In this way, SMR provides complete control with optimum flexibility and the shortest possible processing time. SMR is able to address virtually any customer requirement with its wide range of manufacturing technologies.



SMR is a leading expert in moulding technology solutions, such as injection moulding, slush moulding, thermoforming and natural fibre processing. We deliver these solutions across the globe, wherever customers need us.

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Decorative surfaces

As car makers continuously offer more innovative interiors, SMR develops state-of the art solutions to support this development, from new coatings to laminating and foaming. SMR is at the forefront when it comes to decorative surface solutions, in all price segments and geographies.


Lighting technology

SMR offers a broad portfolio of automotive lighting products for interior and exterior applications. It has expertise in LED technologies, electronics and light guide solutions, and is supported by modern design and manufacturing capabilities for any kind of lighting products. SMR provides innovative and highly-customized solutions to its customers.

SMR’s strength in lighting technology gives it a distinct advantage in manufacture of exterior mirrors, interior mirrors and license plate carriers as these products are increasingly equipped with integrated lamps.