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SMR in Nagoya

One of Japan’s largest manufacturing cities

Nagoya, located in the heart of Japan and blessed with beautiful scenery, is an ideal base for exploring the historic towns and is also one of Japan's leading cities.

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Michael Lady Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources

Welcome to SMR Nagoya

In 1610, the 15th year of the Keicho era, Shogun Ieyasu moved the capital from Kiyosu to present day Nagoya, bringing the town's temples and merchants with it. This is how the Nagoya we know today came to be.

With Nagoya Castle completed, a new castle town was constructed and many merchants and craftsmen flocked to the area, giving rise to the craftsman culture of Aichi Prefecture with Nagoya at its center. Even today, Nagoya is a leader in Japanese craftsmanship; it is home to numerous businesses which export unique technologies to the world, including an automotive OEM and factories producing N700 Series Shinkansen bullet trains.

Today the city is known primarily as home of the Toyota Motor Corporation headquarters.

Situated in the middle of Japan, Nagoya is home to some of the country's most original creations. 
SMR Japan Nagoya is ideally located just a few kilometers east of Nagoya Station, which is the world's biggest railway station.