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SMR in Yancheng

Yancheng, the largest city in Jiangsu Province.

Yancheng is a beautiful city located on the yellow sea shore, like a dazzling pearl inlaid in the coastline with picturesque scenery and delicious food.

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Michael Lady Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources

Welcome to SMR Yancheng

Yancheng, literally “Salt City”, is named after sea salt harvest fields around the city with two thousand years of historical precipitation, everywhere exudes rich sea salt culture. Yancheng is not only known to produce abundance, but known as “a land flowing with milk and honey” and “Gold beach silver swings” with original ecological preservation. Exotic flowers and rare herbs develop a school of its own. The peony branch in Biancang is famous all over the world which is rare, unique and very special.

Besides, Yancheng is called as ‘Mo-town’. The car industry is all over the city. It is the bridgehead of Jiangsu province to Korean trade business. SMR Yancheng is located in the Economic & Technological Development Zone where around 120 people are employed. All employees are committed and dedicated to shape the best products in a very professional manner. The scale of our production is expanding. Initially we started from mirrors and then manufacturing of Lamps.

SMR Yancheng combines the power of innovation and product quality to passionately create world class products that cater to customer needs. Founded in 2002, we have 15 years of history, continuous development of existing business, the Company has a diversified industry-leading portfolio of products that make it one of the best Mirror and Lamp making company. Join us, and we shape the first-class car products.

Together we make it happen!